Freitag, 22. September 2023 – 19:30 Uhr

Fulltime Adventuress

Living with the Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Tamar Valkenier


Tamar Valkenier retired at the age of 28 to explore the world. In amongst many wild adventures, it was her first journey to Mongolian Altai Mountains that touched her most. The culture of the nomadic eagle hunters inspired her deeply and made her re-assess her values in life. She trained with them and set out on an epic four month journey with a horse, a camel and a dog. Challenged in many ways, she grew and learned to love on different levels.

"Tamar has the adventurous spirit of Marco Polo, the tactical brain of Chingghis Khan, and a zest for life to rival the greatest poets of the age. May her horses be strong, her journeys unexpected and her experiences abundant. It has been an honour to join in on some of her adventures." (Kerim, Professor Biomechanics)